Cebu’s Charming Resort: Whimsy Meets Space Age

After four years of medical school, I finally had the clout and pleasure to say that it was all over and yes, finally, I am now a doctor. But in the medical field, all it really means is that you just finished the initial years of your training and you still have a long, long, long way to go (that is, if you’re thinking of going for residency and beyond). It’s kind of like graduating from kindergarten – if you think you’ve got it made, then, well, honey, there are still so many levels to jump through.

So, in an effort to save myself from burnout and to at least have my own little private happy dance, I decided to spend my few weeks of vacation hitting the road (and the skies and the waters). Sick of being stuck in the hospital, I was now free to go wherever I wanted – for a number of weeks, at least.

I decided I wanted to see a bit more of my own country this year. My family and I had always traveled abroad for the past years, and though I had been to quite a number of places in this hot and humid country, I still hadn’t seen enough. Heck, I bet more foreigners had seen more than I had. That’s colonial mentality right there. The grass is always greener in the other country (or maybe for Westerners, the waters are always bluer and more magical way back here).

So, first stops first. Hello, Cebu.

Presenting… a hip resort called…BE Resorts. (Mysterious name – I wonder why…)

In any case, I wasn’t really prepared for the visual treat that would assault my eyes when my mom took me to this charming boutique hotel in Cebu’s Mactan Island:




Well, well, well. Looking at this picture, one would not surmise I was in an island somewhere in the Philippines. The pod-shaped lounge chairs screamed techno-geek!, as if some Silicon Valley office had been transported to the beach or something. The strong white color of the chairs, along with their shape, added an industrial feel, giving a space-age-y vibe. It was so unlike the usual wood-and-thatched-hut architecture I’d seen in most local resorts.

I liked it. I really, really liked it. The artist in me was stoked and the kid in me wanted to see more, more, more.



Here is my mom, looking for all the world like a photojournalist in some hip desert.



Me enjoying the pod-shaped lounge chairs. What a pleasant surprise, they’re made from woven material. The world-class and Cebu-based designer Kenneth Cobonpue clearly made his trademark in these chairs. Intricately woven Filipino materials, but packaged in a unique and eye-catching form.



Beautiful, aren’t they?



Beanbags by the beach! Perfect for watching the sun set!


BE_Resort8_My Cool Mom

My mom clearly wants to do the same…such is the lure of these beanbags


BE_Resort13_Model Mom

Making like a model in the pistachio-walled patio by the poolside


BE_Resort6_Feeling Model

I am clearly my mother’s daughter (haha)



Feeling like that girl in the Mamma Mia musical, what with my white dress, the azure waters, and the white backdrop (now, if only I could sing, but that’s another story)


BE_Resort12_Hot Momma

Side-stairs leading from the beach to the front of the hotel


BE_Resort11_My Throne

Interesting mesh detail of a hanging chair-slash-hammock in the lobby. The scarlet color somehow reminds me of a flower petal. Sitting here feels like you’re inside a giant silk cocoon, though.


BE_Resort15_Queen Maetrix

The chair in full view. From this angle, it looks more like a throne, actually than a chair. All hail the Queen! Bow before me, suckers. *Evil cackle*


BE_Resort5_Love This Place

*Sigh.* I never want to leave this place.



Here it is. BE Resorts Mactan. The edgy and modern design of the building with its signature pod-shaped chairs contrast nicely with the clear blue sky.  


BE_Resort14_Thanks Mom

I would like to thank my mom for bringing me to this tastefully designed place with a well-thought-out atmosphere, a well-mannered staff, and a brilliant play on color, form, and texture.

Nothing says summer like a beach resort does (or, in this case, a beachfront boutique hotel), but when you are in a place as surprising and as inviting as BE Resorts Mactan, it doesn’t take too long to forget everything else – because, clearly, you are now in another, more interesting world.


For more information, please check out their website at


P.S. Now I know at least a little of what Alice must have felt when she first arrived in Wonderland. Teehee.


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